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Votive tablets since centuries - for example Altötting/Germany - announce the divine help in serious concerns (see example right).

In the following we would like to publish testimonies, which represent a clear experience of God (e.g., healing of soul or body) and may be of help to others to grow in faith.

Please send your true testimonies to .
It´s clear that it should not be a self-representation. So please understand that we reserve the right to select the contributions as well as to shorten text. The records predominantly shall praise and thank God. Nevertheless, we would like to strongly encourage submission, since such testimonies will be of great help to other souls.


Votive for Boniface Mederer, Langenthal from the chapel of Freiberg. Made by Rudolph Rösermüller 1942 in Langenthal.

Text of the votive tablet:

Bonifaz, a little small boy,
Got a hole into the head.
The blood flowed day and night,
What ever the Doc would have done.
The parents promised in dire need,
To offer the kid to the Mother of Grace in Freiberg.
And again it was healed through Mary's help.
Langenthal 1942 William and Therese Mederer.


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***   Contribution 14-001   ***

by Joseph, Mumbai, India.

For the third consecutive year, we prayed to ABBA FATHER - the Father of All Mankind,
for His personal intervention, for normal rains through out our Country - India,
in the face of experts warning of El Nino and drought
and the Miracle was wrought,
which we acknowledge to publicly.
Thank you, Our Loving Heavenly Father.


***   Contribution 12-003   ***

by Mary Agnes, Kerala, India.

My Experience while reading "Father Speaks to his Children".
I am a born Hindu actually...got converted to Roman Catholic Church in 1994. Ever since that I speak about Christ and Mother Mary to everyone I meet, also distributing Bible and Rosaries and prayer books free. I used to work in Bombay and now I am working in Kerala and with that money I evangelize. Later I experienced the power of Abba Father in 2005.

The moment I started reading I was filled with Holy Spirit. I became so light, I do not have words to explain, I forgot all my grudges, pains, sorrows, anxieties and worldly desires. I did not feel the thirst or hunger for may be more than 12 hours I felt light like a feather filled with God's grace, without remembering anything of the past. I am spreading this devotion for last 8 years. I have experienced lots of protection, healings, guidance in many issues and other blessings. I practice the 1st Sunday [in August] devotion [of God Father] last 8 years. This devotion has to be spread through out the world. I have kept the Image of Abba Father as given to Mother Eugenia in the Centre of my altar in my house.


***   Contribution 12-002   ***

by Joseph, Mumbai, India.

The Father of all mankind answers to prayers

We had shortfall in rains this monsoon, and I prayed fervently to ABBA FATHER - The Father Of All Mankind, everyday, to provide us with good rains and lo and behold in one months time, there was heavy rain to fill all the lakes supplying drinking water to Mumbai city.
Thank you, ABBA FATHER on behalf of your 1.3+ Billion children in India, including your 14+ million children in Mumbai, for this miracle.


***   Contribution 12-001   ***

Small prayer - great outcome: Prayer action for the life of unborns

[coming soon]


***   Contribution 11-002   ***

Seen 04/2011in Munich, Germany, corner Lindwurmstr./Ruppertstr. vis-à-vis KVR by AV.

Mercy in a big town: Food for free if necessary

Within the German big town Munich Gods mercy is offered to deserving poor and hungry people.
The operators of a snack bar make the following offer:

"Dear folks,
You are hungry but have no money?
Appeal to us! You can eat as much as you want.
Either you pay later or God may reward.
No one should need to hunger.
Have guts!
Regards from the Lazo´s team!


***   Contribution 11-001   ***

Klaus K., in the Journal "CE-Infodienst", print medium of the German Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement, 3/2010

Prayer Circle in the company

"God has given me a gift for my professional life. I am department manager at a large company and we have a corporate prayer circle. This is a circle that is wellknown in the Charismatic Renewal, but we have here in the company. There, we meet once a week in our lunch break and talk about issues where God has answered our prayers, or about new prayer requests. We exchange ideas briefly, then we pray together and after 40 minutes (as long as takes our lunch break) we go separate ways. It is noteworthy that this prayer circle exists for 15 years and has brought an enormous amount of blessings. One of the blessings I've received just recently put in "black and white" basis. An employee survey has been conducted. It was about how satisfied the employees are. Do you feel supported in your career? Are you well-informed? How is the atmosphere? Would you recommend the company to others for work? It is known that mean deviations for such questions are about 10%. That is already significant, as it is an issue in the management thereof. I was very happy when I learned that in my department, employee satisfaction was higher than the company average. We have a very good working climate in my department and I put that down to the fact that God  has heard our prayers for our leaders, for the management, for individual employees and for our projects. I also noticed, that's one thing that does not grow on trees. Growth will not happen overnight, it takes a while, but the blessing is there. I'm very happy about it, and it was for me a sign that our prayer group is honored by God.


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