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Relics of Jesus, Mary and Saints

Here we present a few outstanding relics of Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Since Jesus and Mary ascended to heaven with their holy body, no parts of their bodies remained on earth as relics, except hairs and blood. However, still today we have items present to which they were in contact with during their terrestrial life, e.g. cloths.

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bulletThe Tunic of Jesus in Argenteuil, close to Paris, France: http://saintetunique.com/uk/
bulletRelics from the crucification, St. Croce, Rome, Italy: http://www.santacroceroma.it/en/features-3/reliquie.html and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Croce_in_Gerusalemme


bulletThe robe of Mary she wore during the birth of Jesus: Aachen, Germany: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/germany/aachen-cathedral and http://en.heiligtumsfahrt2014.de/wissenswertes/heiligt--mer/



List to be extended continuously.

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