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This forum (www.fatherspeaks.net) focuses on the message of God Father to the orders Mother Eugenia. However, here (below) a small selection of further divine revelations is referred to.

1. Messages of God-Father to Mother Eugenia Ravasio
"The Father speaks to his children"
2. Messages of God-Son to Maria Valtorta
Esp. "The Poem of The Man-God"
3. Messages of God-Son to Sr. Faustyna Kowalska
"Diary of Hl. Sr. Faustyna Kowalska"
4. Messages of the Divine Trinity to Jean-Marc
5. Messages of the Divine Trinity to Vassula Rydén
6. Messages of God-Son to C. Alan Ames
Esp. "Through the Eyes of Jesus"
7. Messages of God-Son to Justine Klotz
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https://jesusmariaosamo.wordpress.com/ (Espanol)
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https://jesusmariejevousaime.wordpress.com (Francais)

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